Faced with rising energy and gas costs, GRMS solutions designed by the VDA Group can help the hotelier optimize energy savings and pursue sustainability goals.


The future of Hospitality aims at the digitalization and automation of services. The installation of artificial intelligence technologies allows Hotels to save on costs and energy consumption, in addition to all the advantages brought into Hotel management activities. The latest challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the positive aspects of these new solutions, exhibiting how essential it is to be able to remotely manage customer needs.

For hoteliers who want to upgrade the structure using cutting-edge solutions, the VDA Group systems represent a safe and reliable investment to improve the management of the Hotel Rooms, optimize existing resources, and control consumption for a greener Hotel. In fact, by digitizing management processes you can achieve significant savings, integrate innovation, control costs, and reduce consumption.

Etheos is the cloud-based Guest Room Management System designed by VDA to manage all the Rooms functionalities remotely via portable devices. The system is designed to allow the hotelier to improve the integrated control of all activities, and when integrated with the Energy Management System, to optimize energy savings, and make the most of the data collected in real time, by monitoring the different guest profiles and offering them a customized and quality experience.

Thanks to the information available on the Etheos cloud, access, climate, and lighting are managed automatically in every smart room. The integration with the PIR motion sensor allows you to manage the opening of the door and at the same time to control the activation of all the functionalities of each room. For example, when the motion sensor detects the presence of the guest, you can set a welcome scenario through the custom configuration of lights, temperature, and curtains.

In addition to improving the guest experience, the motion sensor also recognizes when the guest leaves the room and automatically activates the ‘Energy saving’ mode, allowing the Hotel manager to save on energy consumption.