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January 2021

Technology for accessible accommodation facilities


VDA had the pleasure of attending the seminar "Hospitality accessible: Beyond the slide" organized by Sr. Veronica Donatello, Resp. National Service for the Pastoral Care of Persons with Disabilities. Accessible Tourism is a market that involves 127 million people in Europe, with evidence that the number must double if you consider that people with disabilities almost never travel alone and have a large purchasing power (they spend + 30% compared to the traditional tourist). Accessible tourism therefore, is not only a matter of freedom and dignity for those persons (an important issue), but also opens up new business opportunities, where by adopting necessary measures, the estimated increase in tourism GDP would be up to 20% per annum. We know that making tourist accommodation accessible requires a number of actions that go beyond the technological aspect, but we are also aware that automation systems provides the guest with a stay that is more comfortable, thus improving the traveller’s experience, whilst contributing to the creation of that special Guest Experience, the main challenge within the hospitality market. In this scenario, technology plays a fundamental role in accessible accommodation facilities, it improving access and the enjoyment of the hotel services. There are two main advantages in making a hotel room SMART: Scalability and [...]

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November 2020

VDA. 40 Years of History, Emotion and Commitment


Today is the start of  VDA WEEK, an event dedicated to the internal community, that celebrates a prestigious anniversary, namely 40 years of our own brand’s history. With live streaming connecting all the VDA offices that will participate in the event (UK, APAC, MEA and HQ), we wish you all to tune in on the 17th, 18th, and 19th November.From the launch of the new product to VDA Tales, it will be a week dedicated to internally retracing the entire growth process that has allowed VDA to become the market leader that we know today. There has been 40 years of constant commitment, demanding challenges, difficulties to overcome but also great satisfaction and many successes. We would like to think of this anniversary as a stage in the path that we have undertaken, a goal that is above all, a new starting point made up of new reflections, and new perspectives. In recent years we have understood that to achieve one's business expectations it is necessary to build one's own independent path, albeit with all the uncertainties, throwing our hearts in to get over the obstacles, whilst keeping steady the aim of the goal, that transforms one's vision into reality. [...]

VDA. 40 Years of History, Emotion and Commitment2020-11-13T16:39:53+01:00

October 2020

VDA at the Hospitality Day – Rimini 13 October 2020


How is the world of hospitality evolving? Come and find out on October 13th at the Rimini Hospitality Day for a whole day dedicated to Hospitality: seminars, meetings and exchanges of experiences on the latest industry news. Vda Group awaits you at desk 114 to show you AXIA, our latest Metal Switch Collection for the Hospitality market, and our timeless and award-winning VITRUM Collection. A unique opportunity to get together. To participate in the event it is mandatory to register, please click here.

VDA at the Hospitality Day – Rimini 13 October 20202020-10-12T15:00:44+02:00

August 2020

VDA’s Climate Control for a green approach to the Guest Experience


Hotel In-Room Technology plays a fundamental role in pursuing responsible choices for energy saving and the protection of the environment, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the best hotel guest experience.   With rising awareness of environmental changes and ever growing eco-tourism, the challenge for hotel technology to approach new directions for energy savings, optimising management costs whilst improving profitability is becoming even more necessary and is seen as an integral part of any project development. With its 3,000 hotels, and 250,000 Smart Rooms, VDA Group moves easily within this evolving context providing guests a truly unique experience, being fully aware of environmental issues and energy consumption, managing a mix of clientele in terms of age group, differing cultural backgrounds, and varying recreational and leisure needs. VDA Room Management Systems are conceived in order to micro-manage energy consumption, and related features, from a central control system, minimising infrastructure costs, maximising energy savings, comfort, and security. The room climate and its environment settings are precisely controlled within hotel defined energy consumption models, which can easily be modified on a global or individual room basis, as and when required. This provides the property with complete ability to keep the room temperatures at [...]

VDA’s Climate Control for a green approach to the Guest Experience2020-08-05T11:31:59+02:00

July 2020

VDA Group and HUDINI announce new guest experience offering


VDA Group, a specialist in the development and realisation of advanced solutions for integrated Room Management and Interactive Television systems, for the International hospitality industry for the last 40 years, is proud to announce the integration of its proprietary guest room management system, the Micromaster system with the Hudini Guest Experience platform from Singapore-based Mankara. The Micromaster system has been highly regarded for being a versatile tool which provides interfacing with Building Management Systems without taking excessive additional costs in its implementation and technology.  Above all, Micromaster guarantees the best experience for guests. Hudini is a middleware technology platform for quick, low cost digital transformation of hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities. Bringing all of a property’s technology assets into its pre-integrated middleware platform for real-time data sharing and collaboration, Hudini provides a rich mobile and device-based guest engagement. The Micromaster-Hudini integration uses the already present Wi-Fi infrastructure in the Hotel for server-to-server data exchange and realizes the creation of the Hotel Mobile Application in which the guest will be able to manage their stay. Within the guest room, the control of lights, curtains, temperature, room service, and entertainment will all take place through a single and intuitive graphic interface. The [...]

VDA Group and HUDINI announce new guest experience offering2020-07-21T11:06:42+02:00

Voice control at the service of the Hotel


Digital and artificial intelligence are really changing the approach to tourism, especially in hotels and the hospitality sector. With the sector experiencing a slow restart in this post-covid phase, it will now, more than ever, rely on an important and constantly evolving ally, namely technology. Making the guest's stay smarter, whilst helping to facilitate the work of hoteliers, are the most common requests in the world of hotels today. VDA, which has been providing hotel automation solutions for 40 years, also this time has not held back in this area. Through a collaboration with Volara Voice Hub, VDA has implemented the first integration between room automation systems in the Middle East, Micromaster, VDA's Guest Room Management System, and voice control of Amazon Alexa. The activation of voice control inside the hotel room allows guests to interact with the amenities available inside the room, by turning lights on and off, opening and closing curtains, changing the air conditioning settings, or contacting Reception in order to request specific services. In addition, the high levels of security implemented ensure that personal information, guest conversations, and proprietary data, are protected. Bringing this solution into this accommodation means that helping to simplify the approach of guests to [...]

Voice control at the service of the Hotel2020-09-11T09:45:30+02:00

June 2020

Hotel Room Automation and Covid-19: Technological solutions for guest safety


VDA solutions, in support of hotels during the covid-19 emergency The reopening of the hotel: the gradual increase in the levels of accommodation to be made available to guests, necessitates additional measures of safety to assist in protecting them during the Covid-19 emergency. Lets see how hotel automation for hotels, thanks to technology, can considerably reduce transmission risks, making innovative solutions for the hotel market. To better understand the technological solutions that support the hotel during the Covid-19 emergency, we look at the advantage created through the collaboration with the VDA Group which, to help hoteliers during the recommencement of the hotel operation, immediately made available their room automation and room management technologies. In particular, and in compliance with the requirements on spacing and health protection, VDA has developed solutions capable of facilitating the work of the system operators in the sector, whilst meeting their guest’s satisfaction. Among the problems that have been solved, some examples are: the reduction of high contact surfaces (through the limiting or avoiding of the touching of remote controls, switches, and keys), the simplified management of room services (such as breakfast) through the ordering via an app or the interactive TV, the management of the [...]

Hotel Room Automation and Covid-19: Technological solutions for guest safety2020-09-11T11:52:24+02:00

May 2020

Room Automation and Interactive TV systems: Technology is the hotelier’s ally assisting in the management of the re-opening of hotels, and safely.


Phase 2 has just begun, and operators throughout tourism, those that have suffered the most from the consequences of the pandemic, are preparing to face the summer season, whilst living with this health emergency. According to CNA estimates, the tourism sector representing 12% of Italian GDP will experience a 73% contraction, with a 44.1% drop in turnover, when compared to 2019. These forecasts led many hoteliers to quickly seek solutions, with many ideas coming from technology. In an historical moment, in which man has been forced into social distancing, automation and IOT prove to be important allies, because they allow hoteliers to welcome their guests safely. In this context, VDA Group, a leading Italian company in the home automation sector for hotels, with offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, has collected the multiple requests received from hoteliers, and has thus grouped them into the main areas for intervention: reducing contact with surfaces of usually high contact (i.e. remote controls, telephones, thermostats, switches, and keys), avoiding gatherings in the Reception area during Check-in and Check-out, encouraging room service, and also managing access control. "We are aware that the reopening of the accommodation facilities is a very delicate moment," says [...]

Room Automation and Interactive TV systems: Technology is the hotelier’s ally assisting in the management of the re-opening of hotels, and safely.2020-07-22T12:00:04+02:00

February 2020

IHF Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition, Showtel 24th-25th February 2020 The Galmont Hotel & Spa, Galway, Ireland


VDA Group will be exhibiting at the IHF Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition, Showtel Meet us there at stand no 17 and let us show our latest news on Room Management System and Interactive TV. Find out more

IHF Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition, Showtel 24th-25th February 2020 The Galmont Hotel & Spa, Galway, Ireland2020-07-22T12:15:18+02:00

HospitalitySud Stazione Marittima in Naples on February 25-26 2020


VDA Group is attending the third edition of HospitalitySud, the hospitality and hotel trade show in Naples, Italy. HospitalitySud is the only appointment in the Center South dedicated to supplies, services, training for operators in the world of Hospitality. We look forward to seeing you at Stand 61 Sala Galatea. Find out more

HospitalitySud Stazione Marittima in Naples on February 25-26 20202020-07-22T12:21:01+02:00
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