Vitrum - Guest Room Management System


For 81% of brands, guest experience is a competitive differentiator, and customization and design are indispensable elements. Experiential design can improve the health and well-being of people who experience spaces, and increasingly, brands are looking for aesthetically and functionally relevant technological solutions that stand out in the environment as design objects.

vitrum glass collection smart switches


VDA’s smart switch collections include a range of smart devices – able to manage access, lights, blinds, and air conditioning with a simple touch – where the refinement of materials (glass and metal) and finishes make these items aesthetically appealing and blend in with the elegance of the environment.

Designed by Italian architects, the Vitrum glass collection has also received many international awards such as Design Index Adi, the Reddot Award, and IIF Design Award.

Customization is a strength for VDA, because it enables the hotel, architects, and designers to fulfill their own vision and apply it inside the room so as to create switches that are synergistic with the environment. VDA can also customize smart switch colors so they fit different room styles, and affix the hotel logo or choose preferred icon sets based on their brand-id.

Customization is guest-oriented. VDA can customize welcome light scenarios, which can be adapted for external brightness, or to provide a curtain opener connected to the presence detector which, in cases of hotels with a view, can surprise the guest upon entering the room. The guest’s preferences of brightness and temperature can also be stored on the system so the next time the guest visits, the hotel can create an emotional bond that enhances the guest experience and builds customer loyalty.

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The benefits of GRMS solutions reach everyone, even those who experience that environment on a daily basis. When the systems are integrated with other room technologies, the staff at all levels can take advantage of the platform.

The hotel manager has the opportunity to manage-the room functions remotely, and to verify the proper functioning of the system. Housekeeping and maintenance staff can prioritize their activities, thereby making better use of their time.

The VDA • Telkonet Group is the largest global player in the field of EMS and GRMS for the world Hospitality market. The Group defines the future of the sector by focusing on People as a valuable element of smart technologies and by offering the right balance between maximizing comfort and saving energy.

The Group is the global leader in IoT Hospitality technologies. As the industry’s leading solution provider, the Group’s experience in the service and support of its customers benefits them in all phases of their projects, from consulting to engineering, to delivery and ongoing support of the completed project.