VDA-Telkonet sees the future of the GRMS sector as focusing on the people-centric approach, offerING solutions that strike the perfect balance between maximizing comfort and style while saving energy.
Etheos is VDA-Telkonet’s state-of-the-art guest room management system, available in Europe, MEA, Asia Pacific, and now in the North, Central, and South American markets. Etheos software is designed for hotels and other stakeholders to achieve three main goals:
GUEST-FACING: improve the guest experience
STAFF-FACING: optimize internal operating processes
OWNERSHIP/OPERATOR-FACING: minimize in-room energy consumption.


SaaS: the cloud-based Etheos SaaS platform is accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, using mobile phones, tablets, and any other network-capable devices. Since it’s cloud-based, there is no need for individual desktop installations.

Simplified Management: Etheos is user-friendly and is appropriate for any sized hotel, from small boutique properties to large hotel chains.
The interface is simple and intuitive, easy to set up and maintain. It allows hotel staff to track and report on a wide range of data. With Etheos, guests can interact with staff using the Do Not Disturb/Make Up Room feature. Staff can get alarms concerning the status of the equipment and can benefit from Eheos monitoring and reporting on occupancy, owing to the powerful but inconspicuous guest room occupancy sensors.
Etheos controls and monitors access control, room temperature; lights, drapes and more in each individual guest room, with its HVAC integration capabilities.

Costs saving/energy efficiency: by introducing the Etheos platform, a property enjoys quick ROI, and an average 25% energy savings. Plus, guests are even more pleased to enter their rooms, enjoying welcome scenarios.

Flexibility: Etheos software is flexible and scalable. Add and enable new features from wherever you are. Access a database rich in metrics. Configure and deploy new equipment remotely. Quickly and easily change scenarios remotely, without any downtime. Scenarios allow a property to control groups of rooms (perhaps all rooms that are unsold) instead of individual rooms; scenarios are sets of attributes in the room, like curtains drawn, set temperature, and turning off lights.

Data Security: Etheos collects its data and transmits it to Amazon Web Service-hosted software using highly secure protocols (TLS and HTTPS).

System Updates: VDA Telkonet guarantees 24-hour Etheos functionality and maintenance, along with automatic security and vulnerability updates.

Configuration: the Etheos platform is based on the Internet of Things (IOT) and provides light and curtain control, HVAC energy management, access control system, hotel service requests, maintenance information, and integrations with third-party systems including door locks. The in-room functions and data can be monitored and controlled using third-party APIs, allowing a TV, mobile app, tablet, or external dashboard to display the in-room status.
Etheos controls, monitors, and reports on a rich collection of room functions. The guest touches the interactive displays to alert staff of Do Not Disturb/Make Up Room requests. Etheos also generates calls, alarms, and Out-of-Service room displays.


vitrum us 3 tasti

Access Control: guest room access control is a strength for Etheos, with state-of-the-art features like RFID, PIN codes, and mobile keys.

Light Control: Etheos’ advanced technology allows for beautifully designed, user-friendly in-room lighting control. Plus, surprise and delight guests with an inviting welcome upon their arrival to their rooms.

Climate Control: Etheos controls and monitors room temperature in each individual guest room owing to its HVAC integration capabilities.

Integration: Etheos interfaces with most PMS systems on the market today and can act on such changes as check-in and check-out.
Housekeeping and maintenance staff can prioritize their activities, thereby making better use of their time thanks to the integration with the Service Optimization System. Etheos retrieves data from the rooms, allowing facilities engineers detect possible issues before a guest is ever aware there’s a problem, it also integrates with wider building management systems, integrating into their platforms when preferred.

Self-check in: Etheos also accommodates guest self-check-in. This is done in the hotel at a centrally located kiosk. Interfacing with the hotel’s PMS system, it activates the guests’ smartphone to act as a key card.


vitrum-axia-swing- smart switches

The Etheos platform provides a coherent set of devices from any one of several hardware collections that match and integrate with the guest room interior design. The upscale Vitrum glass collection is our best seller. And our latest collections are Axia and Swing.

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VDA is an Italian company specializing in Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS). The VDA brand is well-known and established in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. For forty years, VDA has worked with leading international hotel brands, with more than 250,000 guest rooms in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

Individually, VDA and the US-based Telkonet have storied histories. Now that VDA and Telkonet have joined forces, “VDA Telkonet” has become the world’s largest player in the EMS/GRMS space.