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January 2023

Make the guest experience in your Hotel unique by promoting local culture


In addition to adopting Smart Automation systems and IoT devices, today it is crucial for hoteliers to foster sustainability by promoting the local area and giving their guests unique guest experiences that are immersed in the local culture.  A culmination of events over the last several years has affected the Tourism Industry. One outcome is the trend toward ‘supporting local’. Promoting local has its roots in sustainability. With travelers considering sustainability important when choosing their Hotels, they seek immersive local experiences as part of it. For Hotels, this could mean promoting activities that are off-the-beaten-path: local outdoor experiences like a hike through a little-known quaint park in the midst of a large city, bike excursions sponsored by the Hotel, and walking tours of a famous neighborhood. ‘Promoting Local’ is so much more than an activity or excursion, however. It’s bringing jobs to the community and hiring local staff, even if it means investing in additional training.   The Hotel stay Even within the walls of the Hotel, guests can be immersed in local culture. In the gift shop, they can find locally hand-crafted items. On the walls are hung works from local artists, and in the foyer, a unique statue. [...]

Make the guest experience in your Hotel unique by promoting local culture2023-01-12T11:33:08+01:00

December 2022

Smart Hotels optimize energy savings with window film


Smart Automation and Guest Room Management Systems have a major impact on a facility's sustainability goals. To achieve these goals and increase energy savings, there is an inexpensive, easy-to-install, and highly effective solution for hoteliers. When your guest peers out his window, he may be admiring the view of your turquoise waters, white sand beaches, or iconic landmarks. What he probably doesn’t realize is that the very same window is the cause of a significant portion of energy loss. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, between 25% and 35% of the wasted energy in a building is caused by inefficient windows. In the summer, windows can absorb additional heat, negating energy used to cool the indoor space. In the winter, heat can escape through drafty windows that have compromised integrity. Prolonged, intense UV rays are the cause of carpet and furniture fading too. Intense light through windows can also result in annoying glare that causes discomfort to guests and occupants.   To reduce solar heat gain, there are three widely accepted methods. As part of smart guest room automation, draperies can be closed when a room is unsold or unoccupied, especially on sunny sides of the building. Installing brand [...]

Smart Hotels optimize energy savings with window film2022-11-25T15:19:30+01:00

Hotel Smart Automation Supports Sustainable Tourism


Hotels that adopt VDA's guest room control support Responsible Tourism and ensure their guests have a quality guest experience with minimal impact on the environment. For some years now, sustainability has been a key element in building a profitable business model and creating value that is recognized and shared by its audience. In Hospitality more and more travelers are adopting the philosophy of responsible tourism and moving toward those activities that demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental protection and territorial enhancement. Hotels nowadays make significant investments to obtain certifications that demonstrate the value of their sustainable initiatives.   These days, sustainability must be a real goal for Hotels to pursue through clear strategies and measurable results. To do this, it is necessary to consider the Hotel business, referring to the concept of circular economy and the three dimensions of business:   1. Economic aspect. A Hotel must know how to generate a profit for the community in which belongs, through secure investments capable of bringing a long-term profit. In addition, it must know how to propose initiatives to support its territory, to promote local businesses and services. 2. Social aspect. A Hotel must place a high value on its people, [...]

Hotel Smart Automation Supports Sustainable Tourism2022-11-28T17:05:46+01:00

November 2022

Smart Door Locks: from mobile check-in to advanced Energy Management


Smart door locks are not new to Hotels, but thanks to the continuous advancements in their IoT technology they are among the most cutting-edge trends in the Hospitality industry, allowing guests to access their smart rooms using just their smartphones. Guest room door locks have evolved into sophisticated technology. Guests have always expected their door locks to offer security, reliability, efficiency, and convenience. Guests do not typically give door locks much thought unless the locks fail to meet their expectations. The next evolution in guest expectations is contactless check-in and keyless door access. As part of a larger trend in Hotel loyalty apps, the guest uses the Hotel’s mobile app to check-in without the inconvenience of visiting the front desk. With this mobile access, the guest can proceed directly to his or her room, using directions provided by the app. Once arriving at their smart room, the guest brings the device close to the door lock, and the door automatically unlocks. The now-traditional Hotel keycards are of course still used throughout the world, and they offer similar benefits of security, reliability, efficiency, and convenience. In 2017 Hilton boasted that they had had 11 million digital key uses that year without [...]

Smart Door Locks: from mobile check-in to advanced Energy Management2022-11-25T12:12:48+01:00

Voice assistant: the evolution of guest room control


The integration of the Guest Room Management System with voice control is the 2023 trend that provides customers with a smart experience thanks to automation technologies in Hotels. Personalization drives the Hospitality trends we are tracking right now. Technology that can be activated by voice control is gaining ground and contributes to a unique Hotel experience thanks to smart automation technologies. More and more people nowadays have smart speakers in their homes;  in America, it’s most of the population. Because they’re accustomed to using this technology at home, it makes sense that they now want it as part of their travel experiences. The list of functions that a smart speaker can perform is expanding, and some of it is pretty creative. We can break it down into three high-level categories: 1. Guest Room Management 2. Hotel staff services 3. Concierge services Guest Room Management System technology has caught on, and the fact that it can be commanded by smart speakers is an exciting advancement. No wonder guest room controls have been integrated into the technology early on. When a guest arrives at their guest room, they can activate the smart speaker by speaking a single word, can open the drapes [...]

Voice assistant: the evolution of guest room control2022-11-16T12:17:00+01:00

Customization: a winning strategy in Hotel Automation


Today's travelers are increasingly demanding and attentive to the services offered to them. Personalizing the stay experience not only proves that you run a smart Hotel but also allows you to stand out in the Hospitality market.  “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  Dale Carnegie said that. You have probably been introduced to individuals who use your name interspersed throughout your conversation. What a positive effect that has! It makes you feel liked, respected, and relevant. When someone uses your name, it feels like you are important to them and that you matter. This can also be a powerful strategy to engage guests. In a world where competition is across sectors and where there’s competition from non-Hotel accommodations, personalization helps keep Hotels relevant and thriving. Hotels can personalize a guest experience in so many ways. Remembering their names is so powerful. And that’s just the beginning. A guest booking a reservation is a stellar opportunity to ask about their preferences. “Do they prefer coffee or tea? Do they have dietary restrictions? What is the reason for their visit?” And so on. You can inquire about their preferences in [...]

Customization: a winning strategy in Hotel Automation2022-11-08T13:03:48+01:00
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