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VDA-Telkonet has something new in store, and it’s destined to be a market disruptor. It’s a Guest Room Management System, “GRMS” for short, and it is now available in the North American market.


The VDA GRMS platform includes the Vitrum collection, beautiful and functional Italian-designed guest room smart switches that are personalized and highly customizable. Designed by an Italian architect, the Vitrum glass collection has received international awards including Design Index Adi, the Reddot Award, and IIF Design Award.

The Vitrum switches manage seemingly endless combinations of room access, lighting, blinds, and room climate control with a simple touch. The refinement of materials and finishes make these switches aesthetically appealing and are designed to blend in with the elegance of the environment. Vitrum is the controller collection of choice for high-end 4-5 star hotels and boutique properties, although the collection would be a great fit for any property.

The VDA collections excel at customization because they enable hotels, architects, and designers to fulfill their own visions and apply them within the guest rooms. The result is switches that are synergistic with the environment. We can also customize smart switch colors so they fit different room styles. We can affix the hotel logo or choose preferred icon sets based on their brand-id.

There are over 100 charming yet intuitive icon images to choose from, including a sweeping broom, a bubble bath, and a tiny foot on a heated floor. The icons can be concave or flat, whichever the property prefers. It’s a subtle detail that helps make the collection memorable and unique.

At VDA-Telkonet we talk about our solutions being “people-centric”. The benefits of our solution are enjoyed by everyone in the environment, from guests to hotel employees.

For hotel guests, customization is guest-oriented. VDA can customize welcome light scenarios, which can be adapted for external brightness, or provide a drapery opener prompted by an occupancy sensor which, in cases of hotels with a view, can surprise and delight the guest upon entering the room. The guest’s brightness and temperature preferences can also be stored on the system so the next time the guest visits, the hotel can create an emotional bond that enhances the guest experience and builds customer loyalty.

And for hotel employees, the GRMS platform Etheos is a cloud-based tool whereby a hotel manager oversees the room operations remotely and verifies the proper functioning of the system. It interfaces with PMS systems as well. Housekeeping and maintenance staff can prioritize their activities, thereby making better use of their time.

Recently, VDA conducted a survey of leading hotels, and found that “for 81% of brands, the guest experience is a competitive differentiator”. To that end, our group has been rethinking the guest experience and has determined that it involves two indispensable elements: customization and design.

We’ve got both!



Additionally, VDA is offering the Swing collection with its more approachable price point for a wider audience and market share. Swing is ideal for middle-scale segment hotels. Swing switches are easy to install, highly customizable, and always affordable.

The series is available in black color, and offers the possibility of customizing the icons with the proposals available in the catalog.
The icons feature extremely clear and legible laser machining, which are backlit in RGBW, and can be associated with specific colors depending on the functionality or mode chosen

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Individually, VDA and Telkonet have storied histories. Now that VDA and Telkonet have joined forces, VDA-Telkonet has become the world’s largest player in the EMS/GRMS space.

Although Telkonet is an established brand in the North American market, many in North America are not yet familiar with VDA. But this year, we are going to change that.

VDA is an Italian company specializing in Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS). The VDA brand is well-known and established in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. For forty years, VDA has worked with leading international hotel brands, with more than 250,000 guest rooms in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.