VDA Vocal command integration with Alexia/VolaraDigital and artificial intelligence are really changing the approach to tourism, especially in hotels and the hospitality sector. With the sector experiencing a slow restart in this post-covid phase, it will now, more than ever, rely on an important and constantly evolving ally, namely technology.

Making the guest’s stay smarter, whilst helping to facilitate the work of hoteliers, are the most common requests in the world of hotels today. VDA, which has been providing hotel automation solutions for 40 years, also this time has not held back in this area.

Through a collaboration with Volara Voice Hub, VDA has implemented the first integration between room automation systems in the Middle East, Micromaster, VDA’s Guest Room Management System, and voice control of Amazon Alexa.

The activation of voice control inside the hotel room allows guests to interact with the amenities available inside the room, by turning lights on and off, opening and closing curtains, changing the air conditioning settings, or contacting Reception in order to request specific services. In addition, the high levels of security implemented ensure that personal information, guest conversations, and proprietary data, are protected.

Bringing this solution into this accommodation means that helping to simplify the approach of guests to technologies and ensure an effective and personalized service, thus allowing hotel staff to satisfy guests’ requests instantly and safely.

In a previous article “Home automation and Interactive TV systems: the allied technology of hoteliers to manage the reopening of accommodation in complete safety ” – we talked about the main areas of our intervention, namely to reduce the number of high contact areas (remote controls , telephones, thermostats, switches and keys), and to avoid gatherings in the Reception areas during Check-in and Check-out, whilst encouraging room service and managing access control.

Today we can say that all these suggestions have been collated by VDA, and summarized in a customized offer, that takes into account the new directives regarding security and the new challenges in room automation.

For VDA Group, which firmly believes in innovation, and the need to proactively respond to the demands of a constantly evolving market, this project is a milestone from which to start to extend the guest’s guest experience more and more.

Please watch the video: Micromaster and Alexa, a winning integration for Room automation