powertvonair interactive tv

The PowerTV ONAIR platform is the business television system
and in-room entertainment based on cloud technology.

The Hotel can easily communicate the most exclusive services to its customers, choosing what to show through the smart TV in the room.

The mosaic navigation of the PowerTV ONAIR interface provides the guest with a rich menu composed of information and useful services to improve the stay. The features include applications such as weather, music, videos, movies, recommended restaurants, activities, tours and special offers promoted directly by the hotel and updated in real time.

The PowerTV ONAIR management system is based on a cloud platform that allows for centralized updates of the software and firmware of the system. Thanks to the presence of a local server, it is possible to ensure continuity of services to the property even in the event of a malfunction or interruption of the connection.
Thanks to cloud management, the Hotel can update its information autonomously, choosing the contents and images to be shown through the smart TVs.