VDA Group, a leading italian company specializing in room automation for the hospitality market, launches EnterPlease Key Manager, the cloud-based access control platform for smartphones and/or the use of 6-Digit PIN Codes. The platform, fully compatible with all VDA’s Micromaster systems, is the ideal solution for hospitality, it providing the operator with the ability to enable room access for their guests, even remotely. EnterPlease Key Manager is supported by an API for the interfacing with both PMS and Self Check-In systems.

EnterPlease Key Manager provides the operator with the ability to enable room access for their guests through their own mobile devices.
In addition, the front office can generate Mobile Keys/PIN Codes remotely, without actually being within the facility, by accessing the EKM platform through a smartphone or browser.

The EnterPlease app (available both for Android and iOS systems) permits room access by the presentation of the device to the outdoor reader, or by typing a 6-figure PIN code into the Vitrum or Duetto keypad.

Activation of the room would then occur either by placing a key card in a card holder within the room, the card having been provided from a self check-in totem, or found within the room itself on first entry, or through infrared sensors (PIR’s) within the room, actually reducing the need for physical contact with the room switches, the system automatically detecting the guest entry into the guestroom. In addition, EnterPlease Key Manager is supported by an API that permits the PMS and Self Check-In systems to enable the guest’s smartphone, or to communicate to them a PIN code for their room access.

Grazie al team di Ricerca e Sviluppo di VDA, che da sempre progetta e sviluppa soluzioni per migliorare l’esperienza dell’ospite in hotel ascoltando le esigenze degli albergatori.

Thanks to the VDA’s R&D team, which designs and develops solutions for the best hotel guest experience being aware of the needs of the hoteliers.

Download the EnterPlease Key Manager leaflet for more info or contact the sales department of your area visiting Commercial Network.