VDA Next is a project that aims to accompany and guide VDA and its Group towards the future, improving business processes and developing new awareness and skills within the organization.

We started this journey about a year ago with two main steps. The first involved the company’s management to defining future scenarios and projects to be implemented in the medium term. The second, involved a review of processes and tools to facilitate delivery and innovation for and by all entities involved in the product development process.

For the Team Building and Team Coaching activities we have chosen Rugby as a metaphor, an inclusive sport in which the role and unique skills of the individual are functional, if placed at the service of the entire team. Looking back, to understand where your teammates are, and moving forward to reach the goal highlights the importance of working on yourself and your mindset. Discipline and training, humility and respect, these are the rituals that strengthen authentic bonds.

VDA Next, two days of Team Building and Team Coaching


Dedicated to the Sales Italy Area and organized in collaboration with Lucia Ziliotto, the training event took place at the Secret Gardens of Villa Marcello Marinelli in Cison Valmarino (ed), one of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the center of the Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, UNESCO World Heritage.

An event that allowed the involved team to experience the space, work and training with leisure. The location chosen, in fact, had the purpose of stimulating reflection and inspiration in a natural way, helping the group work together in a context of beauty.

Knowing the space well and the stories of those who live there can be a source of inspiration; experiences to be kept in the personal toolbox and necessary for personal development and, therefore, for the growth of the Organization to which one belongs. Thanks to the Coaches who accompanied us on this journey. Good luck and good ‘games’ to the Italian Sales Team.

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Location I Giardini Segreti di Villa Marcello Marinelli