The last Management Meeting of VDA Group took place in the wonderful Secret Gardens of Villa Marcello Marinelli, in order to share a new moment in the open air and to look to the Group’s near future.

On July 29 the Management Meeting finally took place in person, after we had been meeting on Zoom for over a year. Given the occasion, we wanted to make it special not only to share the achievements of the first semester of 2021, but also to create a moment in which the Managers and the different departments could exchange views regarding the processes and the cultural and organizational evolution taking place lately, while also looking at the future and the future developments awaiting for us. We chose a special location that could welcome and allow us to be outside to spend time together without the division posed by monitors and masks, embodying our company values and allowing us to reduce the distance that often, when physical, can correspond to a mental one.

The Giardini Segreti di Villa Marcello Marinelli, located in Cison di Valmarino, have made all this possible, allowing us to be in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in the center of the hills of Conegliano and Valdobiadene, UNESCO heritage. An utterly beautiful place where no detail goes unnoticed inspired the whole Team that gathered underneath the big Horse Chestnut tree, the custodian of this enchanted place.

With our CEO Piercarlo Gramaglia we talked about achievements, organization, evolution, strategy, and change and having collected some questions and thoughts from participants beforehand, we discussed them together to provide answers and to make the company vision clear.

Then, Lucia Ziliotto, HR Manager, walked us through the tools and new methods adopted to support the company development and that of its People, while also thinking about the strategic agility of VDA, the inclination towards innovation and the evolution that has to starts from each individual and expand to the entire organization.

The afternoon went on with a training session focused on the topic of “Total Quality in the Company” presented by Manuel Lazzarotto, our new Quality Manager. We tested on the Management Team a training format that from September is going to engage all employees, combining theoretical and practical training to the Coaching. This training method will part of a wider HR Program, “Unboxing Skills”, that asks the employees to share their transversal skills with their colleagues and the organization.

Later on, Alberto Nogarotto, our CFO, presented the project he led, and which involved a Team of Managers from different company departments to improve the profitability by working on the reduction of costs, from Sales to Product Marketing, passing through R&D, Supply Chain and Customer Service.

The majority shareholder, Flavio De Paulis, General Manager of the Area MEA and APAC closed the meeting by reporting the latest news and the future Business evolutions.

To end the meeting, at sunset, we went into the real heart of the Secret Garden, set up to host a special picnic organized for the whole VDA Team. Cheers to the past and to toast to the future.