Hotel automation goes beyond the installation of technology in guest rooms. VDA Group provides strategic consulting to customers who choose to digitize their Hotels.


Investments by companies that are transforming their working environment continue to increase. This implies the adoption of new advanced business models that take advantage of artificial intelligence systems.

However, the facilities provided by technology in the workplace do not replace the presence of the Person and the importance of providing assistance to its customers. Many B2B companies provide an operational consulting service, which is limited to the time of installation and commissioning of the products provided.

On the contrary, the Italian multinational VDA Group is committed to ensuring a service capable of going beyond the mere supply of the product. In addition to the advantages of the digitalization of accommodation facilities, VDA Group is one of the few entities able to offer continuous strategic consulting to its customers and is committed to creating value for the person, the partner, and their experience.

VDA Group is the market leader in its sector and a solution provider capable not only of providing the most advanced technologies in the field of Hotel Automation, but also as a strategic partner to which Chains and Hotels around the world can rely on.

Through the specialized and expert figures of the Project Managers, the VDA Team puts into the field its professional skills gained in over 40 years of experience in the Hospitality sector. In each project, Project Managers build a relationship of trust with the customer, ensuring constant support during all phases of the project and offering them support even after the end of the product installation phase. In addition, the company’s extensive network of contacts and partners allows these professionals to always advise the best to their customers, evaluating the specific situation and choosing the best collaborators to meet any need.

This aspect makes VDA Group the ideal partner for Hotels that take the path of automation and choose to invest in Guest Room Management System technologies.

Today, the level of digitalization of a company represents a decisive competitive factor in the market, however it must not give up the human aspect of the relationship between the partner and customer and must always value the Person.