A room’s access control technology automatically adjusts the functions of Guest Room Management and Energy Management systems by detecting guest presence and triggering a communications network between cloud and IoT devices. 


In the Zulu language, the typical greeting is “Sawubona”. Unlike the English “Hello”, if you greet someone by saying “Sawubona”, it is a more personal and respectful statement meaning, “I see you”.
And the traditional answer to “I see you” is “Ngikhona”, which means, “I am here”. When someone responds to you, “Ngikhona”, it tells you that they acknowledge you, and they understand that your personal dignity has been recognized.

The underlying meaning is that “Until you see me, I do not exist”.
With Guest Room Management and Energy Management platforms and devices, similar conversations are happening all the time. The value of cloud, smart, and IoT devices is not fully realized until they are recognized by other devices and by the platforms they communicate with.

An example would be a Hotel guest who checks in remotely using the Hotel app.
The PMS system alerts the Guest Room Management System and the Energy Management System that the guest room will soon have a new occupant. The room temperature begins its return to set-point immediately, before the guest even enters. The systems direct devices in the room to present a warm welcome scene.
When the guest uses his/her mobile device key card to enter his/her room, some lights and the smart TV turn on, the drapes part. The thermostat’s occupancy sensor ensures the room climate is comfortable while the guest is there and allows more aggressive energy savings when the guest is not there.

As another example, when a university student enters her dorm room, a door contact detects the door opening and closing. Room lights turn on for safety and the temperature begins its return to the set-point for comfort.

These smart devices and the platform exchange the messages, “I see you”, and “I am here”.
This automation puts people at the center and keeps occupants healthy, safe, and comfortable.

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