Hotels are among the most energy-consuming facilities in the world. Hotel smart automation solutions help reduce consumption, along with investments in clean energy that ensure a green future for your business.


The Hospitality Industry continues to evolve, adapting to a changing climate by following the evolution of IoT and smart technologies and the adoption of Hotel automation solutions that can optimize energy use and preserve our planet’s resources. Nowadays it is important to carefully consider these sustainability-related factors in front of every business decision, not only to pursue responsible development but also to meet the needs of increasingly diverse and demanding customers.

Solar energy is an innovative and interesting technology for the Hospitality Industry. The benefits of these cutting-edge solutions are attracting the attention of many visionary players, and more and more Hotels are investing in this new field.

Guests increasingly seek out ‘green lodgings’ that demonstrate a concrete commitment to sustainability and certifications of the eco-friendliness of business activities. Creating green spaces, reducing carbon footprints, and using solar energy are examples of the commitment that Hotels are demonstrating every day with new technological solutions that can make sustainability a practical factor.

The benefits of solar energy are abundant. Below we have outlined some of the benefits that an investment in this technology can bring.

  1. Solar energy is non-polluting and helps a property reduce its carbon footprint. Unlike fossil fuels, solar helps combat climate change and reduce the greenhouse gas effect. It’s now recognized as the future of alternative, renewable energy.
  2. Solar energy promotes good health. Burning fossil fuels creates toxic pollution with disastrous consequences for children, older adults, and all living plants and animals. Switching to solar will help clean our air and our environments. In 30 years, the average rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by almost 100 tons of carbon dioxide! This means cleaner air for everyone on earth.
  3. Solar is a wise financial investment for all sizes and types of Hotels. Hotels use more energy than most similarly-sized buildings: HVAC and water usage are two of the biggest culprits. A robust EMS or GRMS can help mitigate these expenses. Solar energy also addresses these expenses.
  4. Installing solar panels of the correct size and number on a property can produce enough energy to eliminate electricity bills completely, or at least reduce them significantly.
  5. Solar power is one of the safest and greenest solutions to run lighting, air conditioners, hot water heaters, thermal heating, ventilation fans, electric appliances, and more.
  6. Solar power is inflation-proof. Thanks to advancements in scientific research, the cost of solar decreases every year, while becoming more efficient every year.
  7. Solar creates no noise pollution. Unlike wind turbines, solar panels do not have moving parts.
  8. Solar is the most abundant energy source on the planet. Twenty days of sunshine can create the same amount of energy as all the Earth’s coal, oil, and natural gas combined.


The future of solar
More solar energy hits the earth in a single hour than all of humanity needs for an entire year. Solar energy is free, accessible, and abundant, and is generated 24 hours a day. And that’s good for all of us.