Project Description

Callistos Hotel & Spa

The Callistos Hotel, from the Greek translation “the most beautiful”, is located in the center of Tricase, one of the most active towns in the heart of Salento. Housed in a modern building, this splendid Hotel offers an intense atmosphere that gracefully blends traditional Salento hospitality, elegant Baroque art and the charm of its pristine sea. The property is only two kilometres from the enchanting marinas of Tricase, Marina Serra and Tricase Porto, renowned for their suggestive stretches of coastline and natural caves. The Callistos Hotel has an attractive sinusoidal shape modulated by large windows that fill the interior with natural light.

The structure, inaugurated in 2013, was wisely expanded in 2020 and has 42 units, including rooms and apartments. The rooms, characterized by minimal chic environments, offer all the comforts of a 4-star Hotel. The modern and refined furnishings are designed to meet the needs of both business and leisure customers and the most modern technologies in terms of comfort and automation satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.


VDA Group has installed its own Room Automation system for access control and room equipment within the Micromaster structure, completed with smart switches from the Vitrum line. The outdoor reader for access to the room, customized with the backlit Hotel logo, fits perfectly with the clean and elegant style of the doors. The icons on the surface of the device indicate the presence of the customer in the room and any request not to disturb or make up the room.

The Vitrum presence reader inside the room allows you to insert the card vertically and activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ command and the ‘Make Up Room’ button.


VDA Group technology also manages the light circuits and room scenarios, guaranteeing the guest an immediate and intuitive interaction and a high-profile guest experience. Upon entering, the guest is greeted with a welcome scenario and, during his or her  stay, they can choose whether to use the comfort scenario (reading or night scene), where a light is shone without actually disturbing him or her.

On the sides of the bed there are Vitrum panels to control the scenarios and select the ‘Master Off’ function of the lights with which the guest can turn off all the lights in the room and peacefully fall to sleep.


The integration of the system with Mitsubishi and LG air conditioners allows you to manage the air conditioning from Micromaster both in the rooms and in the common areas. The property specifically requested the VDA system for the management of the lights and common accesses of the Hotel, garage and spa, and also of the technological alarms for the entire structure.

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