Project Description

Eccleston Square Hotel

Historical on the outside yet timeless on the inside, Eccleston Square Hotel is an elegant fusion of old meets new. Behind its doors lies an ultra-modern hideaway, an ‘urban cocoon’ with cutting-edge technology in every room. High ceilings and enormous original windows dominate throughout the building, Murano glass chandeliers and Promemoria furnishings provide a tasteful yet sumptuous feel to the public areas which include a reception, drawing room, media lounge, bar and restaurant.

So much more than just a luxury London boutique Hotel, Eccleston Square, is a complete experience, an ultra-modern hideaway, with cutting-edge technology in every room.


The guest rooms are managed by VDA’s Micromaster, which controls access to all of the guest rooms as well as the lighting, curtains and temperature within the rooms.

When guests walk in their room for the first time using RFID, the curtains partially open and close, the smart glass bathroom wall turns opaque and the bathroom mirror TV turns on. The guest controls the room using VDA’s Vitrum glassware collection. These touch sensitive keypads have etched icons for each room function.


Micromaster sends information about the status of the guest room to the Hotel’s building management system, allowing the staff to carry out tasks such as switching unnecessary items off and turning down the heating/cooling when the room is vacant, saving energy.


VDA’s priority has been to introduce simple-to-use technology that will enhance the guest experience and contribute to the Hotel’s positioning as an ultra Hi-Tech urban cocoon Micromaster and Vitrum interfaces contribute to the design and luxury throughout the Hotel, and lowers the property’s power consumption and carbon footprint.

Project Details


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