Project Description

Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta

There are places that have the gift of effecting emotions. The beating heart of Trieste, Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, is one of them. In this special place, located a few minutes away from the Verdi Theater, the Cathedral of Trieste, and the Castle of S. Giusto, stands, since 1873, the historic home of the Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta.

This refined hotel with its unique atmosphere, comprising of charm, elegance, and refined luxury, tells the Benvenuti family tale, that continues even today, through an elegant, passionate and attentive culture of making their tourist and business guests feel “at home”.

The 55 elegant and cosy rooms and suites are enriched with exclusive objects and furnishings to give the warm environment of home, maintaining the charm of the late 1800’s, and yet are equipped with the most modern of comforts.


VDA for Gran Duchi D’Aosta

As part of the renovation, the hotel chose to equip its rooms and common areas with VDA technology.

All the rooms are installed with VDA’s ONAIR iPTV system, providing its guests with a cloud based entertainment system, resulting in pristine TV picture quality, and in parralel a dedicated Wi-Fi connection within each room.

The Room Management System (Micromaster) was also installed within the rooms that overlook the square, providing access control and room management. The Smart Switches of the VITRUM series used for the outdoor devices have been customised with the hotel’s logo. Within the rooms, the VITRUM consoles are employed to manage the various scenarios and room functions, so as to allow the guest to interact with the system in a most easy and intuitive way.


Project Details


Products installed




Access control – Room management – Interactive TV