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Habita79 Hotel

All the comfort of modernity surrounded by the greatest archaeological and natural beauties of the Sorrentine peninsula and the Amalfi coast. Located in the heart of Pompeii, Habita79 Mgallery Hotel Collection is a newly renovated boutique Hotel, with an incredible rooftop from which you can immerse yourself in vast gardens and breath-taking views.

The ancient building recalls the ancient Pompeian domus and creates an elegant contrast with the furniture through a tailor-made modern design.


The sombre and refined appearance of the 79 guestrooms of the Hotel, are accompanied by Micromaster, the Guest Room Management System of VDA Group, guaranteeing guests the highest quality of services thanks to the optimized management of the access, climate, and lighting controls of each smart room.

By inserting the RFID card in the presence reader of the room, the guest activates the welcome scenario, automatically starting all the connected services; by removing the same card, the room switches to ‘Energy saving’ mode. The Micromaster system facilitates and optimizes the interaction between the guest and the hotel staff, offering different communication possibilities such as DND (Do Not Disturb) or MUR (Make Up Room), to facilitate the work of room service staff.


Thanks to the smart switches of the Vitrum collection, with an elegant carved glass aesthetic, the guest can interact with Micromaster and set their preferences through a custom iconographic system designed specifically for Habita79 Mgallery Hotel Collection.

The guest can also change the set-points, ventilation speed, power saving functions, or turn off the air conditioning system. Moreover, the system allows guests to control the lighting by enabling the master off/on switch, or to create programmable and customizable scenarios, thanks to the memory of the DALI dimmer function, activated by Vitrum switches throughout the room.


Habita79 Mgallery Hotel Collection has also installed the IPTV ONAIR system of VDA Group, connecting all the televisions of the Hotel to the Ethernet network. The cloud-based technology ensures perfect audio and video quality and comes with an intuitive interface and is easily customizable by the Hotel.

Through the TV in the room, guests interact with the system, to select the standard functions or to access interactive services such as weather, internet radio, web navigation, messages, news, Hotel information, city information, room service, and more.

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