Project Description

Maitria Hotel Rama 9

Located in the Rama 9 district of Bangkok, Maitria Hotel Rama 9, provides guests with the ultimate relaxing stay in the city’s new Central Business District. Whether they are on a business trip, a family vacation or a shopping spree, the 230 rooms offer a great temporary home. Equipped with comfort-crafted designer furniture and state-of-the-art technology, every room has an inviting atmosphere and guarantees an interactive stay.

The Hotel allows guests to lounge and enjoy in-house facilities, such as the spa, pool, large fitness center, outdoor playground, and more. For a more immersive experience, guests can visit the Thai Culture Centre, shop at the Night Bazaar Market, or party in the Royal City Avenue.


VDA’s scope in the Maitria Hotel Rama 9, includes both Guest Room Management System, as well as the HD Interactive Television System (IPTV) powered by MVI. The Guest Room Management System is providing controls for 230 Rooms; the technology is based on low voltage Modbus protocol to control the guest room lights and HVAC. The solution also ensures advanced energy management through the PMS Interface (Property Management System). VDA has also installed the HD Interactive Television System (IPTV) powered by MVI into 230 TVs based on boxless solution which also has intelligent integration to control all the room controls onto the television screen.

VDA’s Micromaster is a simple to use and simply installed set of room environment management tools that allows a hotel to efficiently micro-manage all the room facilities whilst providing increased guest satisfaction and providing substantial savings in energy and labour costs for the Hotel.


VDA’s GRMS system allows each room to have their own independent temperature profile for every hour of every day for the entire year. Associated with this profile, it is also possible to set different ambient temperature as part of the energy conservation program. The system is sufficiently intelligent to increase the ambient temperature to the desirable comfort level using the most energy efficient method within the time available.

From a management perspective, it is possible to manage all the control switches connected to the guest room management system which can be managed and monitored either per room or as a group from back of the Hotel operations. The central control unit uses a simple graphical user interface to manage the software features. For each software function, the information can be displayed using a series of plans showing all rooms, a floor or even a single room. Icons are used to simplify the information.


Through the integration with the Property Management System (PMS), VDA technology presents real time information to the VDA software in the reception/administration PC to notify them of various in-room occurrences, such as the guest presence and the “Do not Disturb” and “Make Up Room” Status. This information will enable hotel staff to react in a more efficient manner. Through notifications received from the PMS system about a guest check-in, the system can welcome the guests with various scenes of lighting and climate control.

The RMS Central Control Unit records all system activity. The information can be displayed and printed upon request. All alarms and malfunctions are instantly displayed in a simple and easy to read way for all screens containing the Micromaster Guest Room Management Software.


To deliver an interactive High-Definition television experience, the Hotel has installed the all-in-one VDA IPTV system powered by MVI. The IPTV Software is installed on 299 TVs, providing access to many different apps on screen that include weather, music, news and Hotel graphical and video information, music on demand, and up-to-date special offers from the Hotel.

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