Project Description

Swiss Luxury Apartments

Swiss Luxury Apartments are perfectly located in the heart of the beautiful lakeside Swiss city of Geneva. The apartments have that ideal quality of being historic and contemporary at the same time. With modern furnishings in the rooms, it offers its guests all the comfort of a luxury Hotel.

These apartments, so refined in style and design, provide maximum comfort, also thanks to the Automation System installed.


Swiss Apartment has chosen Micromaster for their Room Automation, the integrated intelligent Room Management System developed by VDA for the Hospitality world, that allows the property to manage access, climate control, and lighting.


The strengths of Micromaster are its energy saving, its easy and efficient management of the system, and comfort for guests both in the bedrooms and the common areas.

The smart switch collection chosen is Vitrum, the sculptured glass solution that transforms a switch into an object of design.


Within the large Smart TV of each apartment is also installed PowerTV ONAIR, a revolutionary system of business television and in-room entertainment based on cloud technology, that allows to promote its services, and inform in real time about scheduled activities.

The Swiss Luxury Apartments were the first to use the Samsung’s 75″ Tizen Series in the Hospitality market.

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