Project Description

The Britannique Naples

The Britannique Naples, Curio Collection By Hilton, is a refined boutique hotel in the heart of the charming Chiaia district. The structure, dating back to 1870, overlooks the splendid setting of the Gulf of Naples, a few steps from the main tourist attractions. The perfect integration between architecture and design instills a sense of balance and harmony that makes the structure particularly welcoming and comfortable. The refined and elegant rooms welcome guests with all the comforts to make their stay unforgettable.


In all the rooms of The Britannique Naples, Curio Collection By Hilton, VDA Group has installed its Guest Room Management System named “Micromaster”, for complete lighting control, to include master off / on of the room lights, and management of programmable and customizable lighting scenarios.

“The Britannique Naples” has chosen for its aesthetics the smart switches of the VITRUM line in sculptured glass, which thanks to their extreme versatility, have been customized to meet the specific iconographic requests of the client.

The VITRUM temperature control panel allows the guest to interact with the Micromaster system, permitting the changing of set-points and speed of the fan, to impliment the energy saving function, or to completely turn off the air conditioning system if so wished.


VDA’s Micromaster also allows you to activate the self-adapting lighting function that dims the brightness of the lights after 30 seconds, creating a more comfortable scenario for the guest.

The VDA GRMS system also allows the monitoring of alarms, the activation of which is communicated to the guest through a red flashing light on the room thermostat, to the hotel staff through the system software at reception, and to emergency personnel by a flashing light on the reader outside the door.

The guest experience is completed with the DALI Dimmer function with intensity memory, light scenarios and soft start, that can be activated by the Vitrum switches positioned on the sides of the bed.


VDA Group also supplied the hotel with the ONAIR IPTV system.

The hotel televisions are connected to the Ethernet network and fully communicate with the software developed by VDA. The ONAIR platform, based on Cloud technology, has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that can be updated directly by the hotel staff.

Guests can interact with the system both for standard functions and for interactive services such as weather, internet radio, web browsing, messages, news, hotel info, city info, and room service.

Satellite channels and digital terrestrial channels are distributed through IPTV technology, guaranteeing perfect audio / video quality, the dynamic channel list presented being based on the language spoken by the guest.

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