According to VDA Group, the difficult pandemic situation in the last 2 years has led Hotels around the world to invest increasingly in technological developments and the adoption of IoT solutions.


There are many epochal transformations that the pandemic has induced in 2021. On the one hand, the choice of cutting-edge technologies that allow both guests and Hotel operators to enjoy the advantages of the Smart Room (mobile check-in, Interactive TV to dialogue with the reception and to promote the services of the Hotel); on the other hand, the choice to aim at customization to retain the guest and increase the value of their stay.


This race towards the adoption of more functional and profitable measures is the consequence of 5 important changes that have been established in the last year, leading to a real evolution in the vision of the functioning systems of accommodation and, in general, in the future of Hospitality.

1. Leadership takes on a new vision

Younger teams encourage interest in the latest technologies and understand the real benefits of a long-term investment. This technological enthusiasm is an essential factor in the constitution of the new leadership, which presents itself with fewer members and generally with younger age groups than it did a few years ago.

The technology education of these new figures is fundamental to the race for innovation. If before, in fact, Hotels tended to seek solutions only when they were faced with concrete problems, now you can see a spirit of initiative ready to evaluate and welcome the new proposals.

2. Digitalization and customization, a perfect combination to increase sales

More and more structures invest their resources to expand the offer of services available to guests so as to increase the value of stays. This value is closely related to the guest experience that must be comfortable and immersive.

The digitization of the customer journey and customization are the two essential elements to increase the sales of stays. While the Smart Rooms allow you to immerse yourself in the comfort of the room thanks to the choice of functions and customizable light scenarios, the TV also plays a key role for the guest experience. Access to your favourite multimedia content and OTT platforms improves the quality of the service offered by the Hotel and personalizes the guest experience.

3. Automation reorganises work activities

The adoption of state-of-the-art technologies is not only an advantage for the guest. Room Automation benefits are also enjoyed by Hotel staff who, thanks to the centralized control of the Guest Room Management Systems, can improve the efficiency of their work.

Despite the incredible reduction in staff due to the global pandemic situation, data reported by Hospitality Insights ( recorded a 40% decrease in the total staff of the Hotels due to the numerous layoffs that companies have had to do to survive the emergency – the most qualified facilities have continued to invest in Smart Automation technologies. The innovation of hardware and software is revolutionizing the concept of Hospitality around the world, while facilitating the internal reorganization of work.

4. IoT world simplifies access to information

The increase in presence sensors and the adoption of voice controls able to perform the functions of Room Management have led to a real revolution in the field of Hospitality. The IoT devices, already widely used in the residential sector, have also found a place in the Hotel sector, ensuring the guest the comfort guaranteed through the interconnection of systems.

In addition, the use of IoT and cloud technologies by Hotels greatly simplifies the management of work activities. The ability to store useful information about guests and access their preferences allows the Hotel staff to always assist the customer in an enhanced way.

5. Loyalty rewards the Hotel and its customers

Thanks to the new digital platforms that are able to collect huge amounts of data on Hotel guests, creating a personalized communication for the customer is always easier. With the new tools available, you can consider individual profiles independently and better understand what people are really looking for during their stays.

The cloud is the new way to create a new form of customer loyalty, making obsolete loyalty programs used until now by companies. Thanks to this new perspective, the advantages do not belong only to the owner of the Hotel, but also the guest draws a concrete advantage as his loyalty is rewarded through an effective recognition of value by the Hotel.