In addition to adopting Smart Automation systems and IoT devices, today it is crucial for hoteliers to foster sustainability by promoting the local area and giving their guests unique guest experiences that are immersed in the local culture. 


A culmination of events over the last several years has affected the Tourism Industry. One outcome is the trend toward ‘supporting local’.

Promoting local has its roots in sustainability. With travelers considering sustainability important when choosing their Hotels, they seek immersive local experiences as part of it.

For Hotels, this could mean promoting activities that are off-the-beaten-path: local outdoor experiences like a hike through a little-known quaint park in the midst of a large city, bike excursions sponsored by the Hotel, and walking tours of a famous neighborhood.

‘Promoting Local’ is so much more than an activity or excursion, however.
It’s bringing jobs to the community and hiring local staff, even if it means investing in additional training.


The Hotel stay

Even within the walls of the Hotel, guests can be immersed in local culture. In the gift shop, they can find locally hand-crafted items. On the walls are hung works from local artists, and in the foyer, a unique statue. Some Hotels enlist carpenters to craft handmade furniture for the lobby.

It’s procuring linens from local textile manufacturers who use organically sourced materials. Taking the textile theme one step further, it’s having staff uniforms locally designed and sourced, and then hand-made by tailors in the same city who earn a living wage.

Within a guest room, sustainable hotels already avoid small plastic shampoo and soap bottles. Take this one step further, and a property that ‘promotes local’ offers handmade soaps by local artisans. They’re typically wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

And of course, food is part of the locally-sourced movement. Local produce is fresher. It is typically not wrapped in plastic or other wasteful containers. The cost to transport it to your property is negligible compared to bringing it in from across the country. If you limit your produce to locally grown items, your chef might produce unique offerings as dictated by season.

Locally-grown fruits and vegetables are great, and what about growing them on your property? It’s called “hyper-local produce.” Create a carved-out space for a garden out back or even on the roof!


Constraint breeds creativity. Indeed this sets a Hotel apart from the competition!

The ideas mentioned here can save on shipping costs. You will earn goodwill from your guests, especially those seeking authentic experiences. You will support your local economy and strengthen your position in the community. You are building your brand image, known for unique offerings with a local flair.

After implementing some of these ideas at your Hotel, don’t forget the most important part: making sure to promote them. Your guests and potential guests must be aware of the “green” efforts you are making!