Project Description

San Barbato Resort, Spa & Golf

Along the slopes of the ancient volcano Mount Vulture, in the province of Potenza in Italy, San Barbato Resort, Spa & Golf is the ideal five-star Hotel in which to experience a luxury vacation. Inside this splendid resort, everything has been thought of in every detail, to offer comprehensive services and a truly multi-sensory stay experience. The large floor-to-ceiling windows that characterize many of the resort’s rooms offer panoramic views of the Ofanto River Valley and the beautiful surrounding natural scenery.

Meeting all the requests of San Barbato Resort, VDA Group offered technological solutions tailored to the Hotel’s needs, to optimize the work of the staff and make the guests’ experience special, accommodating them during all phases of their stay.


During check-in, guests can be greeted by the staff and proceed with the registration, or they can carry out the procedure themselves via VDA’s EnterPlease app, entering their reservation code directly through their smartphone.

Next, each guest is given a personal badge to access the room and use the services of Micromaster, VDA’s Room Management System installed in each room. Using hand control panelVitrum, the guest can easily manage the room’s lighting, temperature, and floor heating configuration and can also activate the bathroom’s electric towel heater. The collection’s glass smart switches of high Italian design feature blue LED lighting, with custom iconography and the Hotel logo on each plate.


The Micromaster system supports the Hotel for guest security by providing the entry and exit history from Hotel rooms and issuing notification of any doors that are not closed properly. The intelligent system also monitors the opening of windows, which, if left open, automatically prompts the air conditioning to turn off.

As for staff management, VDA Micromaster Blazar is the tool that provides the Hotel manager with all the information he/she needs to optimize the work of the staff and ensure the best services to the customers. Different types of keys allow the hotelier to monitor the location of employees, facilitating their tasks and responding quickly to any customer requests.


San Barbato Resort also requested the installation of PowerTV ONAIR, the Business Television system designed by VDA Group for the Hospitality Industry. The cloud-based system can be managed through any device in the Hotel and allows exclusive packages to be promoted to each guest. With the addition of Power Concierge and ONAIR’s app that can be downloaded from customers’ devices, the Hotel can communicate its services to guests even before their arrival and send them emails in their native language.

Through integration with the Hotel’s PMS software and automatic check-in mode, the system automatically sets the guest’s room TV in the guest’s language and organizes the channel list according to their country of origin. Channels are distributed via CAT6 network cable and/or fiber, and the hotelier can create a channel list of his or her choice of digital and satellite channels, with the ability to change TV frequencies for any specific needs.

Club House


San Barbato Resort also requested VDA Group’s solutions for the exclusive Club House attached to the resort. The high-end building designed by Studio Eoss Architettura is dedicated to guests who prefer Gold Club activities and seek an exclusive leisure stay surrounded by nature.

Guests can also take pleasure in the tradition of Italian taste, thanks to the opening of Franco Pepe’s ‘Proxima’ pizzeria on the building’s rooftop, adorned with large terraces and two rooms with open kitchens.


The Club House’s six brand new junior suites reflect the architectural and elegant style of the Hotel, providing guests a quality stay. All services are tailored to guest needs and GRMS and VDA’s Business Television service offers Hotel guests an immersive and engaging experience.

Project Details


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Climate Control

Access management, BLE technology

Web check-in, BLE device and VDA mobile App

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