Today’s travelers are increasingly demanding and attentive to the services offered to them. Personalizing the stay experience not only proves that you run a smart Hotel but also allows you to stand out in the Hospitality market. 


“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  Dale Carnegie said that. You have probably been introduced to individuals who use your name interspersed throughout your conversation. What a positive effect that has!
It makes you feel liked, respected, and relevant. When someone uses your name, it feels like you are important to them and that you matter.

This can also be a powerful strategy to engage guests. In a world where competition is across sectors and where there’s competition from non-Hotel accommodations, personalization helps keep Hotels relevant and thriving. Hotels can personalize a guest experience in so many ways. Remembering their names is so powerful. And that’s just the beginning.

A guest booking a reservation is a stellar opportunity to ask about their preferences. “Do they prefer coffee or tea? Do they have dietary restrictions? What is the reason for their visit?” And so on.
You can inquire about their preferences in the booking email confirmation or even on a dedicated web page that you invite them to visit. An exemplary case of this type of service is a Swiss Hotel that invites guests to visit a ‘My Page’ feature on their website to select from 150 options, including baby cribs, mini bar choices, and boat ride tickets.

During the customer’s stay, Energy Management and Guest Room Management systems play important roles.
Some PMS systems have features in which you can record relevant details about a guest. Perhaps the details include their previous preferences like extra towels and preferred mini-bar selections.
They’re even more powerful when integrated with EMS and GRMS. Previous stays offer a wealth of data about a guest’s preferences, even about climate or room lighting. For example, if in the previous stay guests have a preferred thermostat setpoint, during the new stay the device can be pre-programmed to adjust the room temperature based on data in your system. Light levels can also be pre-programmed based on guest preference data.
This is the kind of smart automation that contributes to personalization.

In addition, the integration of voice command to the Guest Room Management System can perform concierge functions any time of the day or night. Perhaps helping to book an excursion or offering local restaurant reviews.
A real, human concierge is also important for a personalized guest experience. Travelers now seek local, immersive experiences. A concierge who is available and knowledgeable about the neighborhood-a real person rather than a search engine can share unique aspects of the neighborhood and activities to engage in in the area. Some Hotels have found great success in partnering with local area businesses to enhance the local immersive and memorable experiences.

Smart IoT investments, small acts of kindness and service, and savvy technology all contribute to a memorable, personalized experience for your guests.