The integration of the Guest Room Management System with voice control is the 2023 trend that provides customers with a smart experience thanks to automation technologies in Hotels.


Personalization drives the Hospitality trends we are tracking right now. Technology that can be activated by voice control is gaining ground and contributes to a unique Hotel experience thanks to smart automation technologies.

More and more people nowadays have smart speakers in their homes;  in America, it’s most of the population. Because they’re accustomed to using this technology at home, it makes sense that they now want it as part of their travel experiences.
The list of functions that a smart speaker can perform is expanding, and some of it is pretty creative. We can break it down into three high-level categories:

1. Guest Room Management
2. Hotel staff services
3. Concierge services

Guest Room Management System technology has caught on, and the fact that it can be commanded by smart speakers is an exciting advancement. No wonder guest room controls have been integrated into the technology early on.
When a guest arrives at their guest room, they can activate the smart speaker by speaking a single word, can open the drapes so they can appreciate the panorama, can adjust the setpoint temperature, can turn more of the ambient lights on, and set the mood… And they can ask to play their favorite songs or to turn on the smart TV.

An added benefit for the Hotel is that a smart speaker replaces having to upgrade or replace outdated equipment like alarm clocks and phones. Beyond guest room controls, a guest can ask for Hotel services without calling or visiting the front desk.
A guest can order room service, request fresh towels, or obtain an electronic key card for the wellness spa. They can schedule a wake-up call, get the latest weather forecast and handle maintenance requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The voice assistant is always available!

A voice assistant can serve as a concierge too!
Nowadays, guests increasingly look for travel ‘experiences’ to be lived slowly, to experience deep and immersive sensations. The concierge plays a very important role in creating an unforgettable holiday experience.
The smart speaker can help the concierge with their tasks, providing additional services that are always available and offering help with booking activities or restaurants.

Moreover, smart speakers can be customized by a specific Hotel in keeping with the unique brand experience. The voice control can be multilingual and adapt to the language of the guest’s country of origin.
In addition, it is possible to integrate this function with a customized knowledge base on customer preferences, also combining information from different sources. Although Hotels must be very careful about the data being collected, they could in some cases customize future guest stays based on their current preferences.