Hotels that adopt VDA’s guest room control support Responsible Tourism and ensure their guests have a quality guest experience with minimal impact on the environment.


For some years now, sustainability has been a key element in building a profitable business model and creating value that is recognized and shared by its audience.

In Hospitality more and more travelers are adopting the philosophy of responsible tourism and moving toward those activities that demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental protection and territorial enhancement. Hotels nowadays make significant investments to obtain certifications that demonstrate the value of their sustainable initiatives.


These days, sustainability must be a real goal for Hotels to pursue through clear strategies and measurable results. To do this, it is necessary to consider the Hotel business, referring to the concept of circular economy and the three dimensions of business:


1. Economic aspect.
A Hotel must know how to generate a profit for the community in which belongs, through secure investments capable of bringing a long-term profit. In addition, it must know how to propose initiatives to support its territory, to promote local businesses and services.

2. Social aspect.
A Hotel must place a high value on its people, providing conditions that ensure their well-being and an equitable work place.

3. Environmental aspect.
A Hotel must make responsible choices and adopt the necessary technologies to encourage the reduction of waste, emissions, and pollution…but it must also adhere to sustainable initiatives to improve the ecosystem and optimize the use of resources.


This paradigm, embraced by the most innovative and visionary businesses, is accompanied by the process of digitization of the Hospitality market.

Smart automation systems for hotel properties are the ideal solution for gaining a competitive advantage in one’s industry and planning for long-term goals. A smart Hotel that chooses to adopt an Energy Management System or Guest Room Management System can monitor its facility’s energy consumption, adopt sustainable strategies and ensure minimal impact on the environment.


VDA-Telkonet strongly believes in the value of technology to ensure the future of Hospitality and more sustainable development.

Our ‘Bright Journey’ project was created with the goal of supporting Responsible Travelers in their search for iconic and sustainable destinations. Through the support of our ambassadors, we are mapping the technology level of Hotels around the world and their initiatives to support local communities and reduce their impact on the environment.

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