The future of guest room automation lies in a networked platform.
Etheos is VDA Telkonet’s latest Guest Room Management System (GRMS).
Etheos is available as a web application and a mobile application.
With the powerful Etheos software, commissioning switches and other hardware on the Etheos platform is fast and easy. 

What is a commissioning tool?
In the context of a GRMS platform, a commissioning tool is the part of the GRMS software that configures smart guest room devices so that they are assigned to specific rooms, set up to act upon a defined set of parameters (e.g., change the room temperature after a guest checks out), and communicate with other devices in the room and ultimately up to the cloud-based command center. We use the term “System Integrators” (S.I.) instead of “Installers” to refer to the people who physically install the hardware and then commission the hardware so that it rides on the Etheos platform. A smart switch is just a mere switch until the System Integrator commissions it.

VDA‘s Platform Experience
VDA’s established Micromaster platform has been providing our customers with innovative solutions for years. Throughout that time, our engineers have continually developed enhancements and innovations to Micromaster. 

New State of the Art Platform 
And now, based our deep wealth of knowledge, VDA Telkonet has developed a branS.I.d new platform, Etheos, which is based on our engineers’ and product developers’ years of experience and insights. VDA Telkonet’s Etheos platform is powerful technology but is easy to set up and use. 

Beautifully Simple
Our engineers designed the Etheos commissioning tools to simiplify what is typically quite complicated.
The user interface and user experience are intuitive and straight-forward.The software walks the user through the commissioning process step by step so there is little room for confusion or error.
Adding a switch to the Etheos network takes just a couple of minutes per room. 

Just because the Etheos commissioning tool is easy to use doesn’t mean it has simple technology. In fact, it’s just the opposite. With Etheos, a user has full control.
Etheos comes as a web based application and now as a mobile application as well. The web-based version enables System Integrators to perform the entire commissioning process remotely once they have physically installed the switches and other guest room devices. And down the road, the web-based version enables properties to update and later upgrade multiple properties remotely for complete control.
Alternately, Etheos is also available as a mobile app, which is critical in the event brand-new properties don’t have Wi-Fi set up in the building yet.
The System Integrator does not have to waste valuable time waiting for that to happen. He can use his mobile app to commission each room in the property, independent of the Wi-Fi status.
After the System Integrator has used Etheos to complete the initial setup and commissioning, hoteliers use Etheos to remotely manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and re-commission their guest room devices like switches, drapery, DND/MUR, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, and much more.