December 2022

Hotel Smart Automation Supports Sustainable Tourism


Hotels that adopt VDA's guest room control support Responsible Tourism and ensure their guests have a quality guest experience with minimal impact on the environment. For some years now, sustainability has been a key element in building a profitable business model and creating value that is recognized and shared by its audience. In Hospitality more and more travelers are adopting the philosophy of responsible tourism and moving toward those activities that demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental protection and territorial enhancement. Hotels nowadays make significant investments to obtain certifications that demonstrate the value of their sustainable initiatives.   These days, sustainability must be a real goal for Hotels to pursue through clear strategies and measurable results. To do this, it is necessary to consider the Hotel business, referring to the concept of circular economy and the three dimensions of business:   1. Economic aspect. A Hotel must know how to generate a profit for the community in which belongs, through secure investments capable of bringing a long-term profit. In addition, it must know how to propose initiatives to support its territory, to promote local businesses and services. 2. Social aspect. A Hotel must place a high value on its people, [...]

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November 2022

Smart Door Locks: from mobile check-in to advanced Energy Management


Smart door locks are not new to Hotels, but thanks to the continuous advancements in their IoT technology they are among the most cutting-edge trends in the Hospitality industry, allowing guests to access their smart rooms using just their smartphones. Guest room door locks have evolved into sophisticated technology. Guests have always expected their door locks to offer security, reliability, efficiency, and convenience. Guests do not typically give door locks much thought unless the locks fail to meet their expectations. The next evolution in guest expectations is contactless check-in and keyless door access. As part of a larger trend in Hotel loyalty apps, the guest uses the Hotel’s mobile app to check-in without the inconvenience of visiting the front desk. With this mobile access, the guest can proceed directly to his or her room, using directions provided by the app. Once arriving at their smart room, the guest brings the device close to the door lock, and the door automatically unlocks. The now-traditional Hotel keycards are of course still used throughout the world, and they offer similar benefits of security, reliability, efficiency, and convenience. In 2017 Hilton boasted that they had had 11 million digital key uses that year without [...]

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Voice assistant: the evolution of guest room control


The integration of the Guest Room Management System with voice control is the 2023 trend that provides customers with a smart experience thanks to automation technologies in Hotels. Personalization drives the Hospitality trends we are tracking right now. Technology that can be activated by voice control is gaining ground and contributes to a unique Hotel experience thanks to smart automation technologies. More and more people nowadays have smart speakers in their homes;  in America, it’s most of the population. Because they’re accustomed to using this technology at home, it makes sense that they now want it as part of their travel experiences. The list of functions that a smart speaker can perform is expanding, and some of it is pretty creative. We can break it down into three high-level categories: 1. Guest Room Management 2. Hotel staff services 3. Concierge services Guest Room Management System technology has caught on, and the fact that it can be commanded by smart speakers is an exciting advancement. No wonder guest room controls have been integrated into the technology early on. When a guest arrives at their guest room, they can activate the smart speaker by speaking a single word, can open the drapes [...]

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Customization: a winning strategy in Hotel Automation


Today's travelers are increasingly demanding and attentive to the services offered to them. Personalizing the stay experience not only proves that you run a smart Hotel but also allows you to stand out in the Hospitality market.  “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  Dale Carnegie said that. You have probably been introduced to individuals who use your name interspersed throughout your conversation. What a positive effect that has! It makes you feel liked, respected, and relevant. When someone uses your name, it feels like you are important to them and that you matter. This can also be a powerful strategy to engage guests. In a world where competition is across sectors and where there’s competition from non-Hotel accommodations, personalization helps keep Hotels relevant and thriving. Hotels can personalize a guest experience in so many ways. Remembering their names is so powerful. And that’s just the beginning. A guest booking a reservation is a stellar opportunity to ask about their preferences. “Do they prefer coffee or tea? Do they have dietary restrictions? What is the reason for their visit?” And so on. You can inquire about their preferences in [...]

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September 2022

8 reasons to invest in solar energy and make your Hotel smart & green


Hotels are among the most energy-consuming facilities in the world. Hotel smart automation solutions help reduce consumption, along with investments in clean energy that ensure a green future for your business. The Hospitality Industry continues to evolve, adapting to a changing climate by following the evolution of IoT and smart technologies and the adoption of Hotel automation solutions that can optimize energy use and preserve our planet's resources. Nowadays it is important to carefully consider these sustainability-related factors in front of every business decision, not only to pursue responsible development but also to meet the needs of increasingly diverse and demanding customers. Solar energy is an innovative and interesting technology for the Hospitality Industry. The benefits of these cutting-edge solutions are attracting the attention of many visionary players, and more and more Hotels are investing in this new field. Guests increasingly seek out 'green lodgings’ that demonstrate a concrete commitment to sustainability and certifications of the eco-friendliness of business activities. Creating green spaces, reducing carbon footprints, and using solar energy are examples of the commitment that Hotels are demonstrating every day with new technological solutions that can make sustainability a practical factor. The benefits of solar energy are abundant. Below [...]

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The must-have service in a smart Hotel: bandwidth


Internet network quality and adequate bandwidth ensure the efficiency of smart automation services, determining the technological level of a Hotel. In 2022, the Hospitality world is evolving more and more at the level of smart technologies and IoT, and Guest Room Management Systems, giving customers some autonomy in managing their stay and interconnected services that can meet all kinds of needs. We are talking, for example, about the increasingly popular self check-in, in which the customer arrives and can head directly to their smart room door and enter conveniently using the app on their smartphone. Another popular trend is the smart TV in guest rooms, which allows guests to enjoy a range of extra features, such as making restaurant or room service reservations directly through the TV or playing online streaming content of their choice. All these new directions in the Hospitality market rely on technological innovation in facilities and guest rooms, in addition to the increasingly 'taken for granted' Hotel Internet and Wi-Fi network. In 2022, it is not possible to conceive of a Hotel that does not have Internet access or provide guests with this service. The online browsing mode today also represents a parameter that defines the [...]

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Telkonet Inc. Announces New Chief Sales and Operating Officer, John M. Srouji


Waukesha, Milwaukee (WI), 6th September 2022 - John M. Srouji is the new Chief Sales and Operating Officer (COO) for Telkonet Inc. (recently acquired by VDA Group) a US-listed company that offers Energy Management Solutions to the occupancy-based building controls market. Telkonet has historically served the Hospitality, MDU, and Military Housing segments, with more than 7,000 properties installed worldwide. Mr. Srouji will be responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the Sales and Operations of the Company. COO responsibilities include leading and overseeing business operations to meet orders and revenue growth targets; driving customer excellence to ensure Telkonet continues to serve existing customers and effectively onboards new customers. Mr. Srouji will be responsible for developing and implementing strategy, policy, and procedures to meet the Company's targets. He will report to the Telkonet CEO. Mr. Srouji earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Master of Science degree from New York University. He worked in the Building and Energy Controls Industry with Honeywell International Inc. from 2005 to 2022, holding various management roles such as Director of Business Development and Director of Operations. “I am glad to join the Group and am convinced that Telkonet is [...]

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August 2022

GRMS and EMS solutions: Until You See Me, I Do Not Exist


A room's access control technology automatically adjusts the functions of Guest Room Management and Energy Management systems by detecting guest presence and triggering a communications network between cloud and IoT devices.  In the Zulu language, the typical greeting is “Sawubona”. Unlike the English “Hello”, if you greet someone by saying “Sawubona”, it is a more personal and respectful statement meaning, “I see you”. And the traditional answer to “I see you” is “Ngikhona”, which means, “I am here”. When someone responds to you, “Ngikhona”, it tells you that they acknowledge you, and they understand that your personal dignity has been recognized. The underlying meaning is that “Until you see me, I do not exist”. With Guest Room Management and Energy Management platforms and devices, similar conversations are happening all the time. The value of cloud, smart, and IoT devices is not fully realized until they are recognized by other devices and by the platforms they communicate with. An example would be a Hotel guest who checks in remotely using the Hotel app. The PMS system alerts the Guest Room Management System and the Energy Management System that the guest room will soon have a new occupant. The room temperature [...]

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April 2022

VDA Group is a strategic partner for Hotel Automation


Hotel automation goes beyond the installation of technology in guest rooms. VDA Group provides strategic consulting to customers who choose to digitize their Hotels. Investments by companies that are transforming their working environment continue to increase. This implies the adoption of new advanced business models that take advantage of artificial intelligence systems. However, the facilities provided by technology in the workplace do not replace the presence of the Person and the importance of providing assistance to its customers. Many B2B companies provide an operational consulting service, which is limited to the time of installation and commissioning of the products provided. On the contrary, the Italian multinational VDA Group is committed to ensuring a service capable of going beyond the mere supply of the product. In addition to the advantages of the digitalization of accommodation facilities, VDA Group is one of the few entities able to offer continuous strategic consulting to its customers and is committed to creating value for the person, the partner, and their experience. VDA Group is the market leader in its sector and a solution provider capable not only of providing the most advanced technologies in the field of Hotel Automation, but also as a strategic [...]

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March 2022

Can Hotel Room Automation really help you save on energy costs?


Faced with rising energy and gas costs, GRMS solutions designed by the VDA Group can help the hotelier optimize energy savings and pursue sustainability goals. The future of Hospitality aims at the digitalization and automation of services. The installation of artificial intelligence technologies allows Hotels to save on costs and energy consumption, in addition to all the advantages brought into Hotel management activities. The latest challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the positive aspects of these new solutions, exhibiting how essential it is to be able to remotely manage customer needs. For hoteliers who want to upgrade the structure using cutting-edge solutions, the VDA Group systems represent a safe and reliable investment to improve the management of the Hotel Rooms, optimize existing resources, and control consumption for a greener Hotel. In fact, by digitizing management processes you can achieve significant savings, integrate innovation, control costs, and reduce consumption. Etheos is the cloud-based Guest Room Management System designed by VDA to manage all the Rooms functionalities remotely via portable devices. The system is designed to allow the hotelier to improve the integrated control of all activities, and when integrated with the Energy Management System, to optimize energy savings, [...]

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