What has been the 5 transformations of the Hotel world in 2021?


According to VDA Group, the difficult pandemic situation in the last 2 years has led Hotels around the world to invest increasingly in technological developments and the adoption of IoT solutions. There are many epochal transformations that the pandemic has induced in 2021. On the one hand, the choice of cutting-edge technologies that allow both guests and Hotel operators to enjoy the advantages of the Smart Room (mobile check-in, Interactive TV to dialogue with the reception and to promote the services of the Hotel); on the other hand, the choice to aim at customization to retain the guest and increase the value of their stay.   This race towards the adoption of more functional and profitable measures is the consequence of 5 important changes that have been established in the last year, leading to a real evolution in the vision of the functioning systems of accommodation and, in general, in the future of Hospitality. 1. Leadership takes on a new vision Younger teams encourage interest in the latest technologies and understand the real benefits of a long-term investment. This technological enthusiasm is an essential factor in the constitution of the new leadership, which presents itself with fewer [...]