8 reasons to invest in solar energy and make your Hotel smart & green

Hotels are among the most energy-consuming facilities in the world. Hotel smart automation solutions help reduce consumption, along with investments in clean energy that ensure a green future for your business. The Hospitality Industry continues to evolve, adapting to a changing climate by following the evolution of IoT and smart technologies and the adoption of Hotel automation solutions that can [...]

The must-have service in a smart Hotel: bandwidth

Internet network quality and adequate bandwidth ensure the efficiency of smart automation services, determining the technological level of a Hotel. In 2022, the Hospitality world is evolving more and more at the level of smart technologies and IoT, and Guest Room Management Systems, giving customers some autonomy in managing their stay and interconnected services that can meet all kinds of [...]

Telkonet Inc. Announces New Chief Sales and Operating Officer, John M. Srouji

Waukesha, Milwaukee (WI), 6th September 2022 - John M. Srouji is the new Chief Sales and Operating Officer (COO) for Telkonet Inc. (recently acquired by VDA Group) a US-listed company that offers Energy Management Solutions to the occupancy-based building controls market. Telkonet has historically served the Hospitality, MDU, and Military Housing segments, with more than 7,000 properties installed worldwide. Mr. [...]

GRMS and EMS solutions: Until You See Me, I Do Not Exist

A room's access control technology automatically adjusts the functions of Guest Room Management and Energy Management systems by detecting guest presence and triggering a communications network between cloud and IoT devices.  In the Zulu language, the typical greeting is “Sawubona”. Unlike the English “Hello”, if you greet someone by saying “Sawubona”, it is a more personal and respectful statement [...]

VDA Group is a strategic partner for Hotel Automation

Hotel automation goes beyond the installation of technology in guest rooms. VDA Group provides strategic consulting to customers who choose to digitize their Hotels. Investments by companies that are transforming their working environment continue to increase. This implies the adoption of new advanced business models that take advantage of artificial intelligence systems. However, the facilities provided by technology in [...]

Can Hotel Room Automation really help you save on energy costs?

Faced with rising energy and gas costs, GRMS solutions designed by the VDA Group can help the hotelier optimize energy savings and pursue sustainability goals. The future of Hospitality aims at the digitalization and automation of services. The installation of artificial intelligence technologies allows Hotels to save on costs and energy consumption, in addition to all the advantages brought [...]

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